Community rallies to boost access to allotments

Michelle Bailey of Grandpont is a keen gardener but has been in a wheelchair for the past 11 years and as such finds it difficult to tend to her garden.

Local businesses are supporting a £3,000 appeal for improved pathways and raised bedding at her plot so that Miss Bailey and other disabled people can continue to enjoy gardening at the Cowmead site.

“It means a lot to me that they are making these improvements. Gardening can help those who are disabled, and would be good to see some more plots which are easy to access,” she told the Oxford Mail.

Secretary of the allotment Jayne Madden has been delighted with the response from local businesses and the community.

Disable gardeners are also offered support through the Gardening for Disabled Trust, which is a voluntary organisation that works towards trying to gain grants for disabled people who want to be able to tend to a garden