Combating Your Garden Fox

We all know that feeling – waking up in the morning to find your rubbish bags strewn across your garden, or your plants dug up and dumped unceremoniously on your lawn. How do you combat this? Harming a fox is illegal under UK law, so following the RSPCA’s advice can be really useful.

The fox is a wily opportunist, and are attracted to places with lots of food and shelter – in the first instance keep your garden and land free of rubbish.

The fox is a scavenger, so it will also go for food that you have left out for other animals. If your bird tables or feeders are exposed, then making these fox proof is key to keeping the foxes at bay.

If you like to grow fruit and vegetables, cover them in netting or a mesh. Make sure other wildlife isn’t caught in the netting, by making the holes relatively large, and clear away any fallen fruit.

If you keep animals such as rabbits or chickens the fox will target them. Keep them in secure enclosures, again covered in a strong mesh. Keep your pet food locked away too!

Make sure garages, sheds, and greenhouses are well locked, and make sure the fox can’t burrow underneath your buildings.

Finally, cut back any dense undergrowth you have in your garden. A fox is mostly likely to make a home in denser areas of vegetation.

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Author: Robert Smith

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