Coloured kitchen cabinets the latest fashion

Homeowners considering building a kitchen extension may be interested to hear coloured cabinets have been touted as the latest trend.

Bold dashes of colours in the cooking area are a good idea for sprucing up the aesthetics, claimed Deborah Donovan in the Daily Herald.

She suggested using an antiquated blue known as oasis, a grey-blue colour called tidal mist, or creamy honeysuckle to inject some life into the kitchen decor.

Meanwhile, Ideal Home Magazine editorial director Isobel McKenzie-Price recently claimed entertaining in the home is the latest craze, with the kitchen becoming the "glamorous showpiece" of a house.

"One-room open-plan living is now the big aspiration for many homeowners in the UK," she stated.

The expert added kitchens now have to tie in with the style in other living areas, suggesting finishes have become more decorative.

She said cabinets made from mixed woods or glossy laminates work well as they blend seamlessly into the decor.