Coldplay singer to extend mansion

While most couples would probably be happy to add a conservatory or loft conversion to their home if more space was required, a pair of celebrities have gone a step further.

Coldplay front man Chris Martin and wife Gwyneth Paltrow – who starred in films such as Sliding Doors – have reportedly decided to take over the house next door.

They bought their neighbours home and applied for permission to follow the example of chef Jamie Oliver by knocking through the walls to create a residence double the size.

According to the Camden New Journal, the Belsize Park dwelling is also set for a two-storey extension, turning it into a 33-room abode, the article explained.

However, Belsize Conservation Area Advisory Committee chair Gene Adams told the newspaper some residents are not happy about the move.

"Celebrities get away with more because theyve got more money," she said.

"These people tend to think planning committees are a restriction to their divine right to have a castle in the centre of London."

Coldplays hits include Yellow, Clocks and Viva La Vida.