Clover all over

Gardeners who suffer from patches of clover in their lawns have a number of ways in which they can keep their green spaces under control, according to Neil Wormald.

Making his comments in the online pages of the Times, he explains that horticulturalists can rake over the areas before mowing them.

In doing so, the potentially invasive plant will have any of its loose stems raised up to the surface of the lawn, where they will be severed by the blades of the lawnmower.

Organic gardeners may wish to leave a patch of clover in the corner of the lawn, Mr Wormald continues, noting that the plant produces clusters of pink and white flowers that attract bees to them for pollinating.

Horticultural enthusiast could also find that feeding the lawn with a fertiliser that is rich in nitrogen in spring also helps, he concludes.

The BBC suggests that farmers often sow clover to help improve soils fertility.