Cleaning the greenhouse an essential February job

Cleaning the greenhouse and preparing the ground in preparation for the sowing season are essential tasks in February, according to one expert.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, Bunny Guinness stated she completes a series of housekeeping jobs at this time of year.

These include cleaning the greenhouse glass, pumping up wheelbarrow tyres, checking tree houses are safe, mending holes in wellies and cleaning out water butts.

"Not the most exciting jobs, but eminently satisfying and valuable preparation before the sowing season begins next month," she explained.

Ms Guiness went on to reveal that weeding, clipping, checking fences, gates, doors and furniture are all essential jobs as well.

Too many people throw things away and start again, the expert continued, when they can be restored to working order.

In a recent article for the Huddersfield Daily Examiner, horticulture specialist Graham Porter trumpeted the benefits of replacing a lawn with vegetable bed in preparation for a blooming summer.