Classic English garden springs up in New York

The new British Garden memorial for the 67 British victims of the September 11th attack in New York adds a "touch of English romanticism" to the city, it has been suggested.

Isabel and Julian Bannerman’s concept for the garden was selected after they offered a vision of a traditional yet entirely up-to-date English garden.

Crucially, the design took into account the garden’s Lower Manhattan location and the need for 210ft of seating to allow New Yorkers to sit, enjoy the scene away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and eat their lunch.

Featuring evergreen yew and box, the garden also contains London-style bollards and benches manufactured in England and Northern Ireland to ensure it maintains a British feel.

"The garden is intended to be redolent of classic English gardens and spaces such as churchyards but entirely of the 21st century and, of course, workable in a practical sense within the constraints of Lower Manhattan," Julian Bannerman told the Daily Telegraph.

According to the news provider, greenhouse owners looking for inspiration would be best advised to visit the plot this September when the city’s "clear, crystalline air and mellow sunshine" will ensure the garden looks at its best.