Classic chairs retain their charm

Furniture made using the Lloyd Loom method remains classic to this day, it has been asserted.

Colin Bisset writes in online resource SX News, noting that chairs created using this method, typically conform to designs which tend towards "an airy conservatory style".

He explains that the weave is made from paper wrapped around wire and then interwoven on a loom and finally attached to a frame to be painted.

Mr Bisset adds that the pieces lightness made them popular on the transatlantic airships of the 1930s, explaining that he is aware of chairs created using this method during the 1920s that are just as strong and comfortable today.

Concluding, he states that people expect the chairs to creak or rot over time because they look like woven rattan, while they are "virtually indestructible".

In related news, the Daily Telegraph recently suggested that consumers can create a stylish living environment in their conservatory through the use of accessories such as candles and chandeliers.