City traders realise investment potential of greenhouses

City traders and financial workers, who have either lost their jobs or feel that they might do in the near future, have been investing in horticultural training to safeguard their futures.

According to the Daily Telegraph, there has been a boom in interest in gardening from City experts over recent months – so much so that Capel Manor College has had to schedule extra Royal Horticultural Society classes for next year.

College chief executive Steve Dowbigging explained that it is the buoyancy of the horticultural market that is encouraging the savvy bankers to consider starting businesses from their greenhouses.

"We had an open day at the weekend and there were a number of people from the City here looking at prospective careers either because they are worried about being made redundant or have been made redundant," he told the newspaper.

"And five or six partners of people who are not working have decided to set up in a business because they are worried about their partners futures.

"They want to get back into work as security in case of redundancy in the family."

As well as horticultural training, those looking to start a gardening business may also look to invest in a quality greenhouse to maximise output.