Circus building shows spectacle isnt confined to acts

The famed Cirque du Soleil circus has underlined its success by installing a new third wing, heavily accented by designer glazed features, at its headquarters in Montreal, Canada.

The eight storey building was added by architect Eric Gauthier and is the latest in a string of high profile buildings to feature glass as the centrepiece of its design.

And what a centrepiece it is – the prestigious reception hall that takes up the top two floors has a huge transparent glass cone that descends from the ceiling and measures around seven metres high and six metres wide.

Not only will the design be spectacularly pleasing on the eye, it will also serve to collect rainwater and snowmelt, which will be used to supplement the water supply for the 1,700 employees.

Glass structures such as this have historically been the domain of big business, but with homeowners becoming more adventurous in what they add to their houses, glass design has now become a popular option in the home improvement market too.