Choosing a material for your greenhouse? Choose Cedar

Thinking of adding a greenhouse to your garden to protect your plants from the harsh weather conditions ? Building a greenhouse in the garden was once considered extravagant. Today this is not the case as greenhouses are becoming more affordable and more people are realising the benefits of growing your own vegetables and flowers. If you have space in your garden give some serious thought to setting up your greenhouse. One of the considerations when it comes to selecting a greenhouses is the choice of material. There are a large range of greenhouses on the market in a range of materials that include : aluminum greenhouses, cedar wood greenhouses and even plastic greenhouses. One of the traditional materials that is used for constructing greenhouses is Western Red Cedar. Recognised and time proven for their resilience cedar greenhouses are popular amongst gardening enthusiasts being both practical to use and attractive to look at.

It is not difficult to see why traditional gardeners prefer cedarwood greenhouses to the those made from artificial materials. The honey coloured frames add a special beauty to your garden and over time this mellows to a silvery grey palette. Cedar wood greenhouses are observed to be more thermally efficient than aluminium greenhouses since wood is a great insulator. Consequently wooden greenhouses are warmer in the winter helping you to reduce heating costs and giving you a head start when it comes to planting your seeds.

Cedar wood is renonwned for its durability and its resistance to rot and wood boring insects. Moreover, cedar wood requires little maintenance since it is naturally high in oils that make it resistant to rot. Unlike other woods, cedar wood is particularly stable and there's minimal shrinkage or warping even in the harshest of weather conditions. You don’t face problems that are common to other types of wood in general. You can confidently invest in a cedarwood greenhouse and with a little care it should last you a lifetime. Another recognised quality of cedarwood, a prized material for constructing greenhouses, is the natural oils that act to repel pests and disease. Plants grown in a cedar greenhouse are healthier since most of the pests and insects that cause damage to your plants are kept at bay.

The insulation values of cedar during the winter months might be big advantage but you also benefit when things warm up. In summer these insulation values also work in your favour. This time the cedar insulates against the extreme heat so the greenhouse tends to stay cooler. As a result you do not have to water your plants as often as you might have to in an aluminium greenhouse. Maintaining a consistent temperature is easier to control in a cedar greenhouse.

When it comes to choosing a cedar green house for your garden, you should make sure that you get it from a reliable greenhouse manufacturer. One of the top cedarwood greenhouse manufacturers that you can trust is Gabriel Ash. Recognised for quality all their greenhouses are endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society. Gabriel Ash greenhouses are very reasonably priced and all their products are manufactured with utmost care using 'Grade A' Western Red Cedar to ensure durability. Visit for more information on all their products and for ordering instructions.

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