Choosing a Gabriel Ash greenhouse to suit your needs

Gabriel Ash offers a wide selection of greenhouses to suit your needs. Whether you need a greenhouse that will suit your large garden or a smaller design that is ideal for limited garden space, Gabriel Ash can provide you with everything you need to help keep your plants and garden at their best.

When selecting a greenhouse, it is important that you choose a structure that will not only be a suitable size for your garden but also one that will accommodate yourself. If you are tall, then it is vital that you select a structure that will enable you to move around comfortably and care for your plants. There are a wide variety of large, impressive greenhouses available for those that have plenty of space in their garden.

If you have limited garden space, then there are plenty of smaller, attractive designs available. If you are looking for a greenhouse that is ideal for a small garden and offers plenty of convenience, then a lean to design is a great choice. Lean to greenhouses are attached to a wall and offer just enough room for you to grow a selection of plants. Cold frames and vinehouses are also great choices for those with smaller gardens and are ideal for growing fruit and vegetables.

If you need an affordable design, then there are many budget greenhouses available, including a selection of wood designs. However, opting for a cheaper design may result in you spending more money in the long run, as your greenhouse will require lots of maintenance. For a good quality design that is longer lasting, you may wish to opt for the Western Red Cedar greenhouse. This design not only provides an attractive structure for your garden, but also keeps your plants and greenhouse healthy and your garden looking great, as the wood is rot resistant and ages well.

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