California growers given watering tips

Growers in California and other parts of north west America have been given some tips on how to keep their garden and greenhouse plants hydrated without wasting water.

According to the Times Standard, it is essential to prepare the earth correctly by cultivating and feeding the soil before any planting is done.

It suggested working in organic matter such as compost, decayed manures or leaf mold to help the ground retain moisture.

Mulching is another way to trap moisture in the soil and is also useful for keeping weeds at bay and cooling the roots of plants on hot days.

Gardeners should aim to irrigate only the roots and may wish to consider a drip irrigation system or soaker hoses.

Such devices target the water to where it is needed most and save time and the environment by cutting down on wastage.

In other news, Suburban Journals recently pointed garden and greenhouse fans to the University of Illinois Extension website, where they can pick up horticultural advice.