Cabinets can unify kitchen design

Consumers purchasing a new kitchen will purchase a number of items, ranging from flooring and counter tops to cabinets, and it is these cabinets that can make a kitchen look complete.

While a country kitchen style would require wooden knobs or old-fashioned handles, modern cabinets may need stainless steel or metal handles.

But homeowners can change their design by incorporating features such as semi-transparent glass or even sliding doors.

According to reports from Cayman Net News, cabinets can perform miracles for older kitchens in need of a re-fit.

Writing for the website, Elizabeth Howell Jones of Woods Furniture & Design, said: "The combinations of styles, countertop materials and finishes mixed together create that individual statement. This definitely makes picking your cabinet hardware quite a challenge."

She said that completing a kitchen was like putting "a great outfit" together before adding "the jewellery". referred to the kitchen as the "heart of the home" and revealed that long cabinets broken by varying heights are a popular design.