Buddhist artefact in garden may fetch 50,000

You never know quite what that stone step in your garden could be worth.  A couple having a clear-out prior to moving house decided to sell off theirs – known affectionately as ‘the pebble’ – and found it was worth about £50,000.

Paving stones and doorsteps tend to be fairly innocuous but, after years of stepping across it on the threshold to their house, the Hickmotts discovered that the 1,300 year old plaque originated from a Buddhist temple.

The 8 foot stone was brought over from Sri Lanka to the UK from a travelling tea planter in the 1950s and sold to Mrs Hickmott’s mother. 

In considering their house move, the Hickmotts showed a photograph to an auctioneer at Bonham’s who recognised it as a Buddhist piece with animal carvings, symbolising the four stages of life: growth, energy, power and forbearance.

The step will be auctioned in London on 23 April.

Do you have any treasures lying around your house or garden?  It may be worth a closer look.

See the full story at http://metro.co.uk/2013/01/13/couple-discovers-50000-buddhist-heirloom-gathering-moss-outside-their-house-3350395/

Author: Robert Smith

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