Brits urged to consider environmental impact of homes

People thinking about building a conservatory may decide to opt for an environmentally-friendly model after Bellway Homes revealed how much carbon dioxide (CO2) the average property emits.

According to the developer, a typical residence creates around six tonnes of CO2 per annum – enough to fill six ten-metre diameter hot air balloons.

"Nearly £5 billion is wasted on energy in the UK each year and collectively we spend around £800 million on electricity," explained Bellway director of planning Nick Cook.

He urged Brits to use World Environment Day, which takes place this Friday, to think about the ecological impact of their home.

Bellway suggested people consider how their recycling, heating, washing, laundry and electricity habits affect their CO2 emissions.

It suggested simple things like boiling a full kettle when only half is needed can make a difference over the course of a year.

Meanwhile, advised Brits to consider switching energy tariffs to ensure the energy they expend over the summer is not costing more than is necessary.