Brits to holiday in their millions this summer

Recent research has shown the extent to which Brits will go to relax and catch some rays this summer.

Around £43.86 billion will be spent on holidays this year as people look to top up their tan, according to the study from Sainsburys Travel Insurance.

This will equate to about 56 million trips, with 670,000 people planning on taking more holidays than usual.

"Despite tough economic conditions, it would appear that rather than sacrificing our holidays, we Britons may even be taking more breaks," explained Sainsburys Travel Insurance manager Sam Marrs.

Around 63 per cent of those heading off on a trip will do so in this country, while 36 per cent will head to the eurozone.

However, some may opt to enhance the UK sunshine by investing in a bespoke conservatory and indulging in a staycation.

According to the Met Office, the UK is set for above average temperatures for the remainder of the summer, with little chance of the heavy rainfall seen over the last two years.