Brits spend big on gardens

The vast majority of Brits take their passion for gardening very seriously and are not afraid to splash their cash to prove it, new figures have suggested.

A survey by synthetic grass supplier PrimaLawn indicates that 91 per cent of Britons spend a total of £12,000 to maintain their green space during their lifetime.

Gardening equipment, such as lawnmowers and strimmers, proved to be the most popular purchase, web resource UKTV explains.

It notes that around £200 per year is spent on such appliances as horticulturalists take steps to keep their lawns looking in tip top condition.

The total of £12,000 equates to around half a years average national salary, the site suggests.

In related news, price comparison site recently urged gardening enthusiasts to ensure that they take out an adequate level of home insurance cover to protect their garden outbuildings and their content.

The assertion was made after it found that the total average worth of garden equipment stands at around £800.