Brits should use their gardens and greenhouses to grow healthy food

Environment secretary Hilary Benn has set up a task force to encourage more people to grow their own food, with ministers concerned that many are not getting enough antioxidants in their diet.

The group will focus on boosting the popularity of food cultivation in England, after Mr Benn revealed just 11 per cent of fruit and 58 per cent of vegetables eaten in Britain were actually grown in UK soil.

The rest comes from abroad, which adds to the countrys carbon footprint through transportation emissions.

Health secretary Andy Burnham said: “The latest Health Survey for England results showed an increase in the number of people eating fruit and veg and our five-a-day campaign is supporting families to get even more fruit and veg in their diets.”

The minister added that regularly eating fresh produce was the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In other news, research from the University of Florida has revealed that vegetables can help cut the risk of heart disease and obesi