Brits put TVs before conservatories

Holidays and home improvements such as conservatories and kitchen extensions are being put on hold so Brits can afford their TV subscriptions, it has been claimed.

A recent study by Legal and General found 41 per cent of UK citizens were now opting to stay at home in the evenings rather than go out.

It also revealed 30 per cent would cut back on trips abroad, 42 per cent on eating out and 28 per cent on property modifications in order to manage the household budget.

This is compared to the 14 per cent who said they would cancel their television package.

Legal and General insurance business marketing director Garry Skelton explained one thing stood out during the survey.

"It appears that Brits are reluctant to give up their satellite TV subscriptions and are prepared to undertake bigger lifestyle changes before giving up or changing their TV viewing," he said.

An HSBC study in May found the average value added to a property by building a conservatory is over £7,000.