Brits keener to improve

UK homeowners would rather renovate their attic and install a roof light than face moving in the current financial climate, it has been asserted.

Following the recent figures from Nationwide that show adding a bedroom and bathroom to the loft could increase a residences value by a fifth, an expert suggested people would be happier to do this than risk selling.

According to Homebuilding and Renovating magazine editor Jason Orme, Brits are keener than they have been for a long time to perk up their property.

"Theyll either move or improve – and you dont need me to tell you that people are looking to improve in certain ways rather than move at the moment."

"People have to expand their living accommodation in some ways," he said.

Recent statistics from DIY specialist B&Q showed a year-on-year sales rise of 89.2 per cent, with retail profits reaching £58 million.

According to the Halifax House Price Index, the average UK house price now stands at £158,565