Brits ignorant about tree benefits

It may be common knowledge among garden and greenhouse enthusiasts that trees have oxygen-producing qualities, but not all Brits are so well-informed.

Horticulture Week recently published a study which showed that one in six respondents was unaware that woodland plants can turn carbon dioxide into oxygen.

The survey from tissue company Velvet also found that 33 per cent of those questioned could not identify an oak tree, while 78 per cent thought that one of the main functions of trees was to provide shade.

Despite the fact that only two-thirds of respondents could recognise an oak, 71 per cent voted the species as the most iconic in the UK.

The majority of Brits (66 per cent) want more trees in their neighbourhoods, which is a good thing, according to Why Aren’t We Saving The Planet? author and psychologist Geoff Beattie.

He pointed to the fact that 75 per cent of those asked said trees provide happy memories as evidence that people often associate them with positive experiences.

"It is essential that we leverage this sense of fondness and affection to build the public’s awareness and understanding of the role of trees and why they are integral to our world," he was reported as saying.

In other news, the Royal Horticultural Society recently revealed that a Hertfordshire rose garden is to reopen to the public without an admission charge.