Britains garden and greenhouse skills have been lost, says Titchmarsh

An over-reliance on technology has caused Britons to lose their inherent ability to grow their own fruit and vegetables, it has been claimed.

In an interview with the Telegraph, TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh said that in an era when most people spend their days cooped up in an office rather than working the land, gardening skills have been neglected.

As a result, while sales of seeds have been rising, the former Ground Force presenter says many people have no idea how best to plant and nurture them in gardens and greenhouses.

However, Titchmarsh believes this is where another of his former shows, Gardeners World, can help.

He told the news provider the programme should help to "dispel fear" and "take the mystique" out of gardening.

"The problem is nowadays people have become mistrustful of [the earth] yet when you rely on instinct it does not let you down," he commented.

Titchmarsh recently teamed up with B&Q to help oversee the launch of the retailers new garden and outdoor product range.