Bright Lights Swiss Chard brightens the plot

For anyone looking to add some colour to their garden plots this year the solution could be found in the form of a plant named the Bright Lights Swiss Chard, it has been suggested.

Writing for the Times recently, Neil Wormald explained that the extravagant-sounding plant is a dramatic addition to any garden, flowering as it does in a spectacular array of colours.

Almost every shade imaginable, including pink, purple, red, yellow, orange and gold, can be found in a bunch of Bright Lights and if they are planted soon their lightly-flavoured leaves will be ripe before autumn.

"It prefers a sunny spot and a fertile and moist but well-drained soil," explained Mr Wormald.

"Scatter the seeds in drills, 1 in deep, and once the seedlings are large enough to handle, thin them to 9 in apart," he added.

Many people grow their own Swiss Chard outside of their greenhouse once established. As they do not keep for long after harvest it is important to eat them relatively soon after harvesting them.