Breed Your Own Plants

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Ever wondered how to become a gardening legend? Most people would have you think the only way to gain legendary status is to take the Titchmarshian route to gardening superstardom and get yourself on TV. But did you know there is another direction you can take? Breed your own plant. This will ensure your legacy lives on, long after Mr Titchmarsh is a forgotten relic.

Breeding your own plant may sound difficult but it is actually easier than you think. Take, for example, the sweet pea. This is a very easy plant to cross breed as it is always self pollinated. Simply open up the keel and remove the male part of the plant, the stamen, and simply brush the female part of the plant, the stigma, with the pollen of another plant. Once seeds develop, you can sow them and observe the seedling as they grow. Choose your favourite or the most promising of the seedlings and sow the seeds from that plant.

You may just have created your own plant.

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