Blue glass design for cop shops

Glass is becoming a modern design phenomenon, with public buildings houses and now even a police force turning to the material for creative inspiration.

London-based artist Julian Stocks was commissioned to create two stained glass artworks for police stations in Middlesbrough and Kirkletham.

Mr Stocks chose a water design to tie in with the theme of justice, as well as the forces association with the River Tees, reports the Daily Telegraph.

And the works also have a practical use, a spokeswoman for Cleveland Police explained, as they negate the need for both a compulsory light and windows.

"When light shines through it, the stained glass acts as a blue light – which all police stations are supposed to have," she said.

"It is an environmentally-friendly way of providing the blue light."

Cleveland Police Authority chief executive Joe McCarthy explained that the glass, like the buildings, was there for the long haul.
"While constructing two state-of-the-art buildings, which will last and serve the public for 50 years or more, we wanted to include some appropriate artwork which reflected the nature and character of the area," he told the Daily Telegraph.