Blogger champions hydrangeas

Horticulture blogger Lia Leendertz noted in the Guardian how she usually prefers whites and dark reds, but was surprised by how taken she was by the pink and blue variety.

She explained how she ended up “lusting after” hydrangeas during a recent visit to Portmerion Village.

The area has an abundance of the plant, which the blogger found enchanting – especially due to the vibrant colours created by the acidic soil.

Ms Leendertz noted how they blended in with the Italianate buildings and suggested she was tempted to invest in some hydrangeas for her own garden.

“Could they really be the new dahlia, pulled from the depths of naffness and given pride of place, once more, in our gardens?” she asked, pointing out a recent article in The Garden magazine suggested people “rediscover” the plants.

In other news, the Royal Horticultural Society recently highlighted a report from Botanic Gardens Conservation International, suggesting one in seven plant species in Europe could be under thre