Black Sabbath Helps Your Plants Grow

A recent study has shown that playing your plants a steady diet of heavy metal music can help your plants grow stronger, and bloom for longer. Conversely, playing Cliff Richard to your plants will help kill them off.

The experiment, conducted by horticultural students, consisted of alstromerias being exposed to four different types of music, also found that plants being played classical music would grow slightly shorter than those in silence, but gave better blooms with less chance of disease.

Chris Beardshaw of Gardener’s World fame helped to lead the experiment, and explains the extraordinary findings;

“… the ones with Black Sabbath – great big thumping noise, rowdy music – they were the shortest, but they had the best flowers and the best resistance to pests and disease. The alstromerias in the Cliff Richard house all died. Sabotage was suspected but we couldn’t prove it.”

Maybe Ozzy bit the head off the stems?

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