Bills blues banished in shed

Bill Oddie, the famous comedian, actor and ornithologist, escapes to his shed when he wants to be in nature, he has stated in a Telegraph report.  He’s able to watch his beloved birds from there and it’s surprisingly peaceful in the quiet part of the north London suburb where he lives.  Though the shed is over 25 years old, it’s been repaired several times and Bill has built it into a home from home.

A friend whose firm specialises in corporate planting helped him to create a green shed roof and a veritable meadow grows there in summer. 

Bill keeps a slightly rusty saxophone there, some cymbals and the ‘patio’ outside is trimmed with hurricane lanterns, fairy lights and light-sensitive lanterns in what he has named the Buddhist corner.

Bill has made no secret of the fact that he has suffered from bouts of bipolar depression, and the shed is a saviour at these difficult times. Bill was quoted as saying: “My garden shed is one of the few places I feel secure.”

It’s also widely accepted that greenhouses, particularly cedar framed Gabriel Ash specimens, lighten spirits and chase the winter blues away.  Try one.

Author: Robert Smith