Beware the green-fingered thieves

With summer time just around the corner, gardeners are likely to be spending more time and money on their greenhouses and outdoor spaces.

This Sunday (March 29th) sees the clocks go forward, giving horticulturalists an extra hour of daylight.

However, home insurance experts have been warning that the summer also brings its bad points.

Following recent figures from Halifax showing garden crime increased by 63 per cent during summer months last year, Saga has warned its customers that four months in particular seem worse than others.

January, March, June and July are statistically the four months most likely to see an increase in thefts from outdoor spaces.

The insurance provider suggested its clients mark all valuables with an ultraviolet pen to help police recover them if they are stolen.

It also advises homeowners make an inventory of the gardens contents and take photographs of important objects to help identify them.

Checking locks on gates, greenhouses and sheds should also help ensure burglars do not have an easy time.