Bespoke conservatories could help to expand living space

Bespoke conservatories and outdoor structures could be an ideal way to extend a home.

Chris Hedley-Dent recently told the Telegraph how his garden was an odd shape and he wanted a workspace away from his house.

He wanted "something contemporary" and went for a type of building that now doubles as a garden office, an extra bedroom or just somewhere to relax.

"It fits the one suitable spot in the garden perfectly," Mr Hedley-Dent said. "It gives the sense of more space than there really is."

Meanwhile, those with conservatories might want to heed the advice given recently on caring for wicker furniture.

Furniture Medic said owners should check for loose strands or pieces of the material before buying.

They should also ensure the joints are secure and consider adding a layer of lacquer, said the companys head of marketing Hannah Banfield.

She suggested calling experts if any wicker-made strucures start to fall apart.