Beetroot is best says Monty

If you’ve never grown beetroot, then you’ve missed out on growing one of the easiest-to-produce crops and having the tantalising taste of a freshly dug and cooked root.

It truly is nothing like the vinegar-steeped, plastic-packaged red globules of the supermarket.  Or even the topped and tailed ‘fresher’ versions that you find in the produce aisle.

Celebrity gardener, Monty Don, is an exponent of the beetroot and has written about its benefits in his Daily Mail column – see

He cooks them, juices them and uses them for detoxification.

Boltardy is his favourite variety for the garden and he provides tips on planting and growing.  It’s time to start planting now so take a look at Monty’s advice if you want to be harvesting plump, red beetroot in the summer.

They need a sunny spot in well-drained soil, so if you’re looking for a gardening job for this weekend, why not prepare a beetroot patch?  And since it’s a biennial, you won’t have to do so much next year.

Author: Robert Smith

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