Battle blood pressure with a greenhouse

A report released today by the Blood Pressure Association has suggested that Britain is sitting on a time bomb of health problems.

It shows almost two thirds of the nation feel more stressed and unhealthy than they did three years ago and links this to the credit crunch.

Soaring food prices have led to Brits buying cheaper, unhealthy food instead of fresh fruit and veg while working harder to make ends meet, according to Blood Pressure Association chairman Professor Graham Macgregor.

"Its clear that Britons are under pressure and this could have serious health consequences," he said.

"The dual effect on lifestyles of the credit crunch and lack of concern over long-term health is putting the nation at risk of a blood pressure ticking time bomb"

With 15 per cent cutting back on fresh fruit and veg and 56 per cent buying cheaper quality food, using the garden, erecting a greenhouse and growing your own fruit and veg could provide cheap, nutritious food while also helping reduce stress through gentle exercise.