Autumn Garden Maintenance

Autumn is a critical time in the lawn care calendar, but with it being cold, wet and miserable, it’s understandable why you wouldn’t want to go outside.

It is important however to prepare the garden for the winter, ensuring your garden is free of muck, leaves and debris left over from a blustery Autumn.

The last thing you’ll want to do is clear it all up in the winter when a) it’s even colder and b) leaves etc will be harder to get rid of if surrounded by ice and snow.

Read our essential guide for a little more advice…

Sweep up autumn leaves

Sweep up fallen autumn leaves using a rake.

This is really important as if left on the lawn, the leaves will rot down on top of the grass, causing damage and releasing pathogens, which could cause disease.

Don’t let your leaves go to waste though, why not make your own leaf mould?

Mow your lawn

As the weather starts to change, the grass will be growing much more slowly. Adjust the cutting height on your lawnmower so that it cuts the grass higher.

Mow about once a fortnight until about mid-October, depending on weather conditions, then Re Cut the lawn edges with a half-moon edging iron to create a neat finish.

Treat moss and weeds

If the lawn is very mossy, treat with Aftercut Autumn All in One, which is specially formulated for the colder autumn months. This will also help with weeds.

Wait until the moss has turned black (about 2 weeks) and remove the dead moss using a rake.

Feed and condition

Don’t be tempted to use a summer feed on the lawn now.

Instead treat the lawn with a product like Aftercut Autumn All in One, which will provide enough feed for the autumn months.

This can be applied after mowing until the end of October.

Carry out lawn repairs

Bare patches can be tackled using Miracle Grow Patch Magic which is a unique patching mix containing grass seed, feed and seeding soil.

It contains coated seeds which give improved germination and quicker seed establishment and features a pet urine neutraliser, making it perfect for pet owners.

Consider laying stepping stones

Now is the perfect time to consider laying stepping stones across the lawn, ready to protect vulnerable winter lawns from foot traffic.

Well placed stepping stones allow easy access to areas of the garden such as the shed, compost bin or washing line without damaging the grass.

Create a new lawn

Autumn is an excellent time of the year to sow a new lawn from seed. The soil is still warm from the summer and the autumn rain will provide vital moisture as the new lawn develops.

It is vital to prepare the soil thoroughly and to keep the developing lawn properly watered.

Repair patches

Large areas can be top dressed with Westland Lawn and Turf Dressing and then over sown with lawn seed.

Gro-Sure Smart Seed is a great choice, as this guarantees success in full sun, shade, patchy and worn areas.