Attraction to power greenhouses with green boiler

Floors Castle, which is home to the tenth Duke of Roxburghe and overlooks the River Tweed, has installed the environmentally-friendly device in order to boost its sustainability.

The extensive gardens at the site are recommended by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), which revealed that fuel will be sourced from the forests on the Roxburghe Estate.

With the boiler being used to heat the cottages and buildings of the estate, head gardener Andrew Simmons explained he is glad to have the peace of mind of knowing that the greenhouses will be kept warm.

“We know the heat is there so we dont have to worry – we can always source more wood locally and we can budget each year and know how much its going to cost,” he said.

Mr Simmons and his team will use the pure wood ash from the boiler as fertilizer for the gardens, helping to boost soil quality by putting extra carbon into it.

Meanwhile, a horticultural historian giving a lecture about an “extinct” plant on the Isle of Man was recently surprised to learn that the species was growing in the garden of one of his students, the RHS reveal