Attracting wildlife to gardens

If you wish to liven up your garden and transform it into the perfect environment for a selection of wildlife then there are a number of steps that you can take to attract a wide variety of creatures to your garden. Attracting wildlife will not only make your garden more interesting but will also help to get rid of smaller pests that may damage your plants.

One of the main methods of attracting wildlife is to add a birdbath. Birds are one of the most common garden visitors and adding a birdbath or birdbox will help them to enjoy your garden all year round. Birdbaths and boxes also help to improve the look of your garden and with so many different styles available, you are sure to find something that will not only be suitable for most species of bird but also keep your garden looking attractive.

Adding a pond to your garden will also help to attract wildlife, such as frogs and other water creatures. Ponds are also ideal for those wishing to add other features to their garden such as fish or aquatic plants. There are ponds to suit all types of garden and many can often be installed with a fountain to enhance the look of your garden.  

Compost heaps, shrubs and rock piles will also help to attract wildlife such as hedgehogs, frogs, toads and beetles to your garden. Adding colourful plants and nectar flowers will also attract bees, butterflies and many other colourful insects and will help to brighten up your garden.

When attracting wildlife, it is vital that you avoid using sprays that may contain harmful chemicals as this will not only damage your plants but also cause harm to friendly animals and insects. Using organic pesticides and fertiliser will help to keep the atmosphere within your garden healthy and will increase wildlife activity.

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