Attenborough Takes Action Over Butterfly Population

As a precursor to the world’s largest butterfly survey, Butterfly Conservation president, Sir David Attenborough has moved to emphasise the importance of butterflies to the garden, and the natural world as a whole.

As president of the charity Butterfly Conservation, Sir David will be taking part in this year’s Big Butterfly Count, whereby members of the public are asked to report sightings in order to give conservationists a clear picture of the nation’s butterfly populations, and an insight into the state of the countryside as a whole.

Sir David said;

“The count helps us a great deal. It provides a recognition chart from a scientifically accurate, huge army of observers whose results can give you all kinds of important information.”

He continued;

“What we know is that last year was a good year for butterflies in that a lot of species came back in increased numbers, but the decline of British butterflies is still going on. Last year was an optimistic blip.”