Atlanta spring gardening tips

An Atlanta website has welcomed the coming of spring by providing local gardening and greenhouse enthusiasts with horticulture tips.

Those itching to get their green fingers dirty should look to plant trees and shrubs as early as possible, suggested.

It explained that doing so should help the specimens bed in before the soil heats up too much.

Meanwhile, those with crab grass should apply preventer now in order to nip the problem in the proverbial bud.

Summer bulbs can be planted now and will be assisted by the warmer spring temperatures and added moisture, the website added.

It also suggested that garden and greenhouse owners get busy on April 30th by planting a tree for Arbor Day.

As spring progresses, growers should cut off the heads of bulbs once they have finished blooming.

However, leaving the foliage will provide the plant with vital nutrients, allowing it to blossom more fully next year.

Arbor Day has taken place once per year since 1872 and is used to encourage tree planting and care.