Armani opts to build conservatory-style store in Manhattan

Fashion designer Giorgio Armani is set to open a new conservatory-style glazed shop on New Yorks famous Fifth Avenue.

The style-guru reportedly had a say in the design himself and seems pleased with the four floors of retail space.

"I was determined to send out a clear message of change, interpreting the current trend for mixing genres, juxtaposing items in different price brackets," he said,

"This freedom of expression defines for me the spirit of Fifth Avenue: a prestigious shopping destination, of course, but one that is less exclusive in character than comparable addresses, with a democratic mood which I am certain represents the future.

"I worked on the creation of this store with Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, whose hugely-respected architectural practice is known for bringing a precisely judged sense of glamour to clothing stores."

The store is set to open on February 18th and will offer shoppers more than 30,000 sq feet of floor space.

Having the shop made from glass will also make it a noticeable landmark, making Armani stand out from the numerous other heavyweight retailers in the area.

Work recently began on Londons own tribute to glass as a building material; the Shard of Glass building should now be completed in time for the 2012 London Olympics.