Arizona gardeners encouraged to grow their own

Arizona gardeners have been advised they can use their yards and greenhouses to save themselves money. cites the story of the Phoenix Permaculture Guilds Liz Lonetti, who grows her own fruit and vegetables.

While the financial downturn has left many Americans strapped for cash and struggling to properly nourish their families at meal time, Ms Lonetti has a garden full of food to keep her satisfied.

"Ive got bell peppers. Ive got different herbs – theres oregano, marjorem, thyme," she explained to the news provider.

"Ive got spinach. Ive got cabbages. Ive got a brilliant cauliflower in different varieties. Ive got bright purple cauliflower, green, as well as the standard white. Ive got broccoli coming up.

"Ive got three grapefruit trees in the front, Ive got three orange trees in the back."

In fact, it seems there are few things that Ms Lonetti does not grow in her Arizona garden and greenhouse.

While Phoenixs climate may be slightly warmer than northern parts of the US, a greenhouse can help control conditions to allow gardeners to grow all kinds of varieties.