Aquaponics Sustain Dubai Resort

Aquaponic gardening has been hailed as a major contributor in the Ja Jebel Ali Golf Resort being awarded the Dubai Green Tourism Award.

Aquaponics is essentially the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics, and is a system for farming both fish and plants together in a mutually beneficial cycle. Fish waste is utilised as nitrates and ammonia – providing a high nutritional value feed for plants.

Aquaponic gardening can be an extremely productive method of growing organic plants, vegetables, herbs and fruits, combined with the benefits of producing a healthy supply of fresh fish.

In the longer term, aquaponics is being hailed by many international food supply experts as being one of the key tools in battling food security issues across the world. Its green credentials mean that it can be utilised to fight climate change and global warming. Additionally, with the world’s oceans being overfished, aquaponics provides an alternative supply of fresh fish.

The Dubai Green Tourism Award was initiated to encourage environmentally sustainable initiatives and practices, in a part of the world that is notoriously dry. The award is hosted in conjunction with the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing and Sheik Mohammed, Ruler of Dubai.

The resort overlooks the Arabian Gulf and consists of a private marina, spa, swimming pools, a golf course and exquisite bio-gardens. Fredrik Reinisch, general manager of the resort, is supportive of eco friendly initiatives;

“I’m proud to be called an eco-friendly destination, and I strongly encourage our whole team to do all they can to aid our cause…sets an excellent example of working together for the greater good.”

The aquaponic systems are completely organic and are four to six times more productive than traditional farming methods. The system also ensures that 90% less water is wasted than in a conventional garden – once the system is set up, only a little extra water is required to account for evaporation.

As global populations explode, aquaponic gardening appears to be taking the lead as a true all rounder in the field of food production.  

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