Anger as Yobs Destroy Allotments

A small village in Stoke on Trent is up in arms, as yobs vandalised allotments, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage during eight nights of destruction.

Residents of the village of Audley have reported smashed greenhouses, sheds destroyed and trees uprooted.

Allotment secretary, Bill Cooper said:

“Three tenants in the last 24 hours said they’re giving plots up, they are angry and upset. One elderly gentleman had been working on his plot for two years, had his shed pushed over and smashed, all the tools were taken out and burned, there was absolutely nothing left – its mindless.”

Suspects have been identified by the police, with some of the yobs even posting images of the damage they have committed online.  Inspector Mark Barlow was not aware of the photos but said;

“We’ve recently had an initiative where we’ve focused several officers on anti social behaviour hotspots, of which Audley has been identified as one.”

Staffordshire Police have confirmed they will be carrying our regular patrols around the site.

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