Americans turn to gardening to survive

Americans have responded to the adversity caused by the financial downturn in a similar fashion as their ancestors during the second world war did, it has been noted.

The Times Daily drew parallels between the current rise in popularity of greenhouse and garden growing and the increased interest that was recorded during the 1940s.

It revealed that National Gardening Association figures show a hike in fruit and vegetable growing during 2009 and one expert believes this trend will continue in 2010.

Alabama Cooperative Extension System regional agent Chris Becker explained that some people are planting gardens simply as a means of putting food on the table.

"Instead of victory gardens, we can call these survival gardens," he told the newspaper. "You can save a tremendous amount of money growing your own produce."

He added that while it is hard work to cultivate your own crops, the benefits make it well worthwhile.

Meanwhile, the News Observer has published some useful tips on how to find a balance in your garden.