Allotment boom

Increasing food prices have lead to a boom in the number of enquiries regarding allotments.

Young families are looking to grow their own fruit and vegetables to help combat increasing grocery costs and make sure they get the required nutrients.

The example of Ipswich, where an open day at a field attracted a 500-strong crowd, shows just how interested people are in learning to grow their own food.

Castle Hill Ipswich Allotment chairman David Savidge was amazed at the turnout.

"Although we have got a waiting list, we always say we need more people because you never know who is going to give up," he said.

"People are so interested in growing their own food and knowing where it comes from.

"Most of the allotment owners are young families. We split our allotments in half so they are a more manageable size for people not used to it."

Those lucky enough to have space to install a greenhouse can acquire one for around £1,000 and enjoy the benefits of growing their own fruit and veg in their own garden.