All year round vegetable production

Growing a selection of your own vegetables will provide you with a number of benefits.

Gabriel Ash offers a selection of greenhouses, vinehouses and accessories that will help you to keep your home-grown vegetables at their best.
Growing your own vegetables can be rewarding, providing that you produce them in the right conditions.

Potatoes, tomatoes, cabbages and lettuce are just a few of the many vegetables that you can grow throughout the year.
Tomatoes are an ideal choice for beginners and are available in a number of varieties. They can be grown throughout the year depending on which type you choose.
Cherry tomatoes are ideal for hot or cold weather and provide a wide range of benefits.
Many types of cherry tomato are also disease resistant. There are many hardy tomato varieties that can be planted early on in the year.

Potatoes are available in early, mid-season and late varieties, allowing you to grow them throughout the year.
Potatoes can be grown outdoors or in a greenhouse and require plenty of sun.
Avoid planting potatoes in frosty areas in your garden and use multi-purpose compost or good-quality soil. Use certified seed potatoes to reduce the risk of pests and diseases.

Lettuce and cabbage are also suitable for growth all year round. Cabbage will grow successfully when planted in deeply dug humus-rich soil. Lettuces require moist soil in order to thrive.

Growing a selection of vegetables in your greenhouse will enable you to extend the growing season. You can easily add extra insulation or lighting during winter to provide your plants with the right conditions.
During summer, you may need to add extra ventilation to your greenhouse. Always make sure that the conditions within your greenhouse are suitable for the type of vegetable plants that you are planning to grow.

Cold frames are an ideal choice for those wishing to grow a selection of vegetables such as tomatoes.
Cold frames are ideal for all year round growing and are designed to offer extra protection for your winter plants. Adding a set of cold frames to your garden will also enable you to grow a selection of vegetables during summer.

Cold frames are ideal for smaller gardens and are available in a number of designs. They are the perfect choice for those with limited space who wish to grow a selection of vegetables all year round.

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