All Together Growing

A project to involve primary school children in growing flowers has been judged a ‘blooming success’ by the schools and organisers.

The All Together Blossoming project was run in 28 schools, children’s centres and youth groups in Chester-le-Street in the North East.  Its aim was to encourage the young people to take an active pride in the appearance of their environment and make it attractive for them to live, play and learn there.

The youngsters were given the task of planting up a half barrel to produce plants and flowers for the spring and summer.

Under the heading of the Opportunities for Children and Young People Area Action Partnership (AAP) task group, the local North East Groundwork group worked with the Chester-le-Street and District AAP to devise and deliver the project.  They provided supporting information to the children and set them on their way.

It was a case of learning whilst having fun and it is now expected that the children will continue to grow and learn in more ways than one.


Author: Robert Smith