Advice on moving plants

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been given some advice on the best way to move trees and shrubs to new locations.

According to the Sun News, it can be tricky not to damage the plants and the best time for a move is in late autumn.

However, with care and attention, plants can still be moved now, although it is best to wait until the ground is not too wet.

It is important to prepare the new site ahead of time, tilling a large area to allow the roots room to grow.

Trees and shrubs should be planted no deeper than they originally were and, while a three to four-inch layer of mulch should be applied to the site, it should be kept a few inches back from the trunk of the tree to protect it from disease and pests.

Keep the plant well watered in its new location and try to keep the root ball as intact as possible when moving it, the news provider suggested.

Meanwhile, the Dothan Eagle has revealed that Alabamas Landmark Park is to distribute gardening tips during an upcoming farm programme on Saturday January 23rd.