Advice on Christmas indoor plants

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts are likely to be tending to indoor plants during the holiday season and one newspaper has given advice on caring for them.

According to the Lynchburg News & Advance, poinsettias are popular Christmas plants for keeping under glass.

It said the flowering variety performs well when placed near a window and watered sparingly to keep moisture in the top three inches of soil.

Those who do not want to keep the plant after the festive season can compost it, although it can also be kept as a houseplant if you grow fond of it.

Cyclamen should be grown in the basement or in an unheated room next to a cool window, but can be displayed for several days in any area of the house, the newspaper suggested.

"Give it a place near a window where it receives strong light. The plant will bloom all winter if you keep it fertilised and watered.

Meanwhile, the Newbury Port Daily News has also given advice on poinsettias and Christmas trees.