Advantages of adding a Gabriel Ash glasshouse to your home

Gabriel Ash offer a range of stunning glasshouses that can be enjoyed as a summer house as well as a greenhouse. These spectacular structures give you the chance to relax and unwind whilst surrounded by your own plants. Available in a wide range of sizes, Gabriel Ash’s glasshouses are designed to fit small and large gardens. Made from the finest cedar wood, they also add plenty of beauty and elegance to any home.

Adding a glasshouse to your home will provide you with an extra space for a summerhouse and greenhouse combined. They are also an ideal option for those who need an extra building that offers plenty of extra space and can be used as a place to study or work from home.

Glasshouses are ideal for growing a wide variety of plants and are a great choice for those who have a passion for gardening. You can grow your favourite plants and enjoy spectacular views of your garden whilst relaxing in your glasshouse during the summer.

Glasshouses are also a great choice for those who wish to add an impressive structure to their garden. They look particularly attractive during the summer when packed with exotic plants. With so much space available, you can add a variety of garden furniture and transform your glasshouse into the perfect place to enjoy a summer evening with friends and family.

Smaller glasshouses are available for those who do not have as much space in their garden. There are lean to and free-standing structures available, allowing you to find a design that fits your garden perfectly. If you wish to create the perfect glasshouse for your garden, then you may wish to opt for a bespoke design.

The Western Red Cedar glasshouse is the perfect choice for those looking for a design that adds plenty of beauty and elegance to their garden. This design transforms into a beautiful colour over time, providing you with a longer lasting spectacular structure for your garden.

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