Adding a Gabriel Ash greenhouse to your small garden

Gabriel Ash offers a selection of greenhouses that are designed to fit smaller gardens. From lean to greenhouses to a fantastic bespoke service, Gabriel Ash can provide you with everything you need in order to create the perfect structure for your garden. These smaller designs not only provide just enough space to grow a selection of your favourite plants, they are also made from the finest materials, giving you a longer lasting design that adds plenty of beauty to your garden.

One of the best types of greenhouses for a small garden is the lean to design. This type of greenhouse gives you enough space to grow a selection of plants and will allow you to save on heating bills as it is attached to the wall. Your plants will also be easier to care for as a result of having easier access to a water supply.

Lean to greenhouses are available in a small, simple design for those who need enough space to grow a small selection of plants. Larger designs are available for those who have a small garden but require a little more space to grow a variety of plants.

If you do not have enough space for a lean to greenhouse, then you may wish to opt for a set of cold frames. Cold frames are not only sturdy, they also provide your plants with plenty of insulation and protection during colder months. They come with an adjustable lid, making it easier to care for your plants. They are a popular choice for those wishing to grow their own fruit and vegetables, especially tomatoes. Cold frames not only provide a variety of great features, they also look attractive.

Another option for a small garden is a small, traditional greenhouse. Traditional greenhouses provide you with plenty of space to grow a selection of plants and look just as attractive as a larger and more modern design.

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